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Cross Hands Public Hall Committee are firmly committed to the ongoing development of live events at the Hall. The Cinema is an important part of the Hall’s work, but the Committee recognise that the Hall was built for live events and that the stage area in particular thrives on being used.

The Hall is incredibly popular and is being used on a daily basis – however there are still many opportunities for Live events, and each Saturday in the year for example has been put aside specifically for concert and other one off event bookings.

With thanks to the ‘Hidden Dragon Fund’, the Hall has applied for and secured its first real grant from Europe or the Government. With the money, the Hall sought advice from Sound and Lighting specialists and purchased and installed a set of state of the art lighting system and sound system. The stage area was spruced up with a new backdrop, and the whole stage area has been tidied up. The sound specialists agree that right now, we have one of the best and most up-to-date sound and lighting system in Wales and the UK.

For an up to date list of prices, or to make a booking enquiry, please contact us on and the Hall Manager or one of the volunteers will get back to you to discuss your needs. Still unsure on whether to enquire at the Hall? Then have a look at the Gallery and see how we believe our Hall is the best looking Hall in Carmarthenshire and will do nothing but enhance your event.

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