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Covid-19 Impact

Our beautiful hall remains closed for the foreseeable future due to the uncertainty of the continued spread of Covid-19.The Welsh government has advised that enclosed venues like cinemas can re-open but with obvious social distancing rules and protocol.For our particular organisation, it is not feasible for us to incorporate social distancing protocol; reasons being, as we have limited numbers of voluntary staff, we cannot marshal all areas of the hall to maintain the social distancing rules; as a small cinema with 300 seats, having to use the 2 metre rule, we limit the amount allowed into the premises; the cost of having to install screens; supply PPE to staff; purchase pre-packaged food; cleaning of toilets every time they are used, etc…We are aware that our catchment is mainly the older generation and the World Health Organisation and such has concluded that this group is the most vulnerable in that death rates are much higher. Therefore, we are aware that many of our regulars will not be confident enough coming to the hall until they feel 100% safe.There was also the recommendation that screening times should be staggered in that 2 or 3 sessions could be held a day. Again, this is not feasible as we are a voluntary organisation and staff should not be expected to cover practically all-day sessions.We also need to consider the film industry as a whole and the effect Covid-19 is having on such. America is the main feed for the release of films and as a country ravaged by the pandemic, many big films are literally on hold. If the cinema and film industry is immobilised in the US, then the UK and other countries will potentially not be showing those films either. We are then left with much older releases and less commercial films, which will not bring in sufficient numbers of visitors.Obviously, with the above reasoning, we are also having to decline any individuals or groups wishing to hire the hall. On that note, sadly, we will be forfeiting the schools who would usually hire for their Christmas concerts and the School Christmas film (which would usually have generated very generous revenue for the upkeep of our splendid building).To conclude, considering everything above, we have decided our best course of action is to wait patiently; to accept that only time and trusting that others will stick to the rules is the only way to rid ourselves of this crisis and that our lovely little hall and cinema can begin looking at opening, with confidence, sometime in the new year of 2021.In the meantime, we thank you for your continued patience and support and to please ‘stay safe’.The committee of Cross Hands Public Hall & Cinema.(We’ll) be right here!