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Recently, an email has come through from someone mentioning that we have not put up dates and information for “Batman v. Superman”. As most of you know, this website is a very informative and concise site. The films are all there with their dates and synopses. There are multiple pages, so if you see one film on the first page of the site, if you scroll down, you will see there are numbers (1,2,3 etc) – if  you click on those numbers they take you to the next page of films we are showing throughout the month. Thank you.

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Cinema: Friday 13th, Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th May

Harking back to a time before Snow White’s blade penetrated the evil Queen Ravenna and vanquished her from the land, the Queen lived alongside her sister, Freya. With the two sisters separated due to Freya suffering a heart-breaking betrayal, their lives would head in different
directions. Freya – the young Ice Queen – spent decades away from her sister in a wintry palace, raising a league of huntsmen that she may command.

Showing in 2D only.

Doors open 6.30 pm          Film starts 7pm

12A new

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